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Lübech Living

  • Handgefertigt
  • 100% recyceltes Papier
  • Fair Trade

Alle Produkte von Lübech Living sind handgefertigt, das Material ist OOhh Zero Waste Paper und ist von Frauen in Lübech Living`s Fair Trade Projekt in Sri Lanka gefertigt worden.


Pulp is a new generation of the OOhh Zero Waste paper generation. Pulp originates from the papier mache but has been transformed into a new refreshing level with slim walls and waterproofed sealing in the wish to give you a product with greater user friendliness.

The design offers you an interesting volumized look and a throughly handicrafted piece of art. The pulp collection brings an extra valuable an interesting angle to your flowers. Use the flower pot for your succulents, cactusses and other green plants. Pulp is also ideal for your herbs just as you can use it for your pencils, brushes etc.

The OOhh Zero waste paper is produced inhouse from our own excess paper equal to 20.000 kg waste per year. The softness our the paper gives the opportunity to create the most beatiful shapes.  Zero Waste paper is a great example of the future’s eco-friendly development.